QEA Coach Thanked by National Baldrige Winner


District 15, a K-8 district of 19 schools and over 2000 staff members was honored to be the only organization in the nation to receive the 2003 Baldrige Award for education.

Throughout District 15's journey to organizational excellence, we have relied on the expertise and executive coaching skills of one consultant, Margaret Byrnes. We have found Margaret to be exceptionally knowledgeable about the application of the Baldrige criteria to district, school, and classroom processes. We have used Margaret to critique our organization and provide feedback to senior leaders that has proved to be very motivational in helping us to move down the path of continuous improvement much faster.

Margaret has been a coach to the superintendent and his cabinet members for the past three years and helped them gain insights and functional knowledge about their role in the use of the Baldrige framework as a process for improvement. She has trained administrators and teachers, using very practical examples and practices, to deploy Baldrige concepts for the improvement of student performance.

Most importantly, Margaret has produced results. We can confidently say that without her support and advice, we would not be a Baldrige Award winning organization today. We highly recommend her to other organizations that believe organizational excellence is the only goal worth achieving.

- Former Superintendent, John G. Conyers

- Former Director of Planning, Robert W. Ewy


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