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QEA Coach Thanked by National Baldrige Winner
District 15 in Palatine, Illinois, was honored as only organization in the nation to receive the 2003 Baldrige Award for Education. District 15 thanks Margaret Byrnes of Quality Education Associates for her knowledge about the application of the Baldrige criteria to district, school, and classroom processes. Read More...

What QEA Partners Are Saying

"Margaret Byrnes, Managing Associate of QEA, has been a valued consultant to our district for the past three years. During that time, she has trained teachers in continuous improvement strategies and quality tools; coached the superintendent, his cabinet, and principals in Baldrige-based continuous improvement principles and practices; assisted in the development of a district-wide self assessment; and extended our understanding and analysis of data. In every role, she has exceeded our expectations and has been viewed by teachers and administrators as an expert who understands her ‘stuff’ and clearly conveys it to others. A frequent comment from teachers and administrators after Margaret has been with us is that 'we finally get it.' Margaret’s interpersonal skills are exceptional and she immediately makes contact with her audience.

Margaret’s analysis and writing skills are equally exceptional. Reports from observations and coaching experiences are insightful, to-the-point, and tie difficult concepts and linkages together in ways that have helped our district improve satisfaction levels and increase student achievement.

With Margaret’s expertise in the Baldrige framework and the principles and practices of quality improvement from the classroom to the boardroom, and with her ability to engender trusting relationships and gain immediate credibility, she can quickly help teachers and administrators understand issues and improve practices that result in significant accomplishment. She is a trainer and coach of extraordinary skill."

Bob Ewy
Director of Planning and Quality
Community Consolidated School District 15; Palatine, Illinois

"My experience with Margaret Byrnes and QEA has been extremely positive, as she and her associates have provided invaluable training to faculty and staff in our quest for Quality."

Dr. James Holloway
Superintendent of Schools
Portales, New Mexico

"QEA assisted our teachers in developing instructional strategies that were clear and value added...A critical mass of teachers implemented these strategies and experienced quantifiable academic gains."

Charles H. Holmes, Ed.D.
Former Associate Superintendent for Professional Development
Savanna-Chatham County Public Schools; Savannah, Georgia

"Margaret Byrnes is an excellent resource for educators interested in learning how to apply quality practices in school a school principal, I am looking forward to exploring QEA's newest service, that of aligning school improvement efforts with Baldrige criteria."

Dr. Mary Anne Wheeler
Fred A. Olds University Connections Magnet Elementary School;
Raleigh, North Carolina

"Jeanne Baxter is well known in both Chicago Public Schools and the suburban areas for her expertise in leadership and for helping business and schools develop partnerships for continuous improvement.  QEA's new direction, that of integrating Baldrige Criteria, is a welcome addition."

Diane Ehrlich, Ph.D.
Chair of Leadership Department
Northeastern Illinois University; Chicago, Illinois

What a Partnership with QEA Means

QEA partners can expect an increase in performance by transforming the system and using technology integration to align all processes with your vision, mission, and purpose.

Here’s how we do it:

  • Assist your organization in a profile development to determine what is working and to identify needed short-term and long-term training requirements (surveys, interviews, and data analysis).
  • Develop and conduct customized training and follow-up under the belief that your identified stakeholders are the primary focus of implementing Quality improvement theory, process, and tools.
  • Assist in implementing the PDSA (Plan-Do-Study-Act) cycle of Quality improvement.
  • Align all of the subsystems of your organization by involving both internal customers as well as the larger community.

What is your current level of performance?

  • Is it stable? Predictable? Acceptable?
  • What level of results do your expect of your students or need to grow your market position?
  • How do your current competencies align to produce those results?
  • How do you know?
  • What needs changing?
  • How will you approach change, communicate it, and build support for it?
  • How will you know it’s working?



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